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AI- 3028   12. B. 8.    
BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 10/17/2019  
Cutting Edge RFB#111J-19 Recommendation
FROM: Brad Wilcox, Assistant County Administrator , Administration
Department: Administration  

Resolved, the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners does hereby approve the contract with St. Regis Culvert, Inc. for the purchase of cutting blades in an amount estimated at $240,000.
The Purchasing Department requests Board of Commissioner approval for a contract with St. Regis Culvert, Inc. for the purchase of cutting blades, to be used by the Calhoun County Road Department and the Jackson County Department of Transportation, in an amount estimated at $240,000.

The cutting blade purchase order to St Regis has been issued prior to BOC approval due to the fact that a limited number of the required blades are inventoried and the blades specified are only manufactured 1 to 2 times per year.  Therefore, the Purchasing Department has declared that the lack of availability, limited production and potential for an extended delivery lead time constitutes cutting blades as an emergency purchase which is required by the Procurement  Policy in order to place the order prior to BOC approval.

Cutting edges are the hard metal inserts applied to snow plow blades to scrape snow and ice from roadways. These blades wear down from friction and are replaced regularly during the winter maintenance season. On September 5, 2019, the Board of Commissioners approved the recommendation of the Joint Purchasing Team to award the cutting edge contract to Winter Equipment based on their response to the Cutting Edge bid #111J-19.

Upon further review during the placement of the cutting blade orders, Winter Equipment (Willoughby, OH) disclosed that their bid for double bevel blades did not meet the RFB specification for single bevel. In order to receive the blades prior to the 2019/2020 snow plow season, the Joint Purchasing Team is recommending the Cutting Edge bid award to St. Regis as the sole source per the Purchasing Policy #405, due to the fact that St. Regis was the only bidder to offer the single bevel blade which was specified in the RFB. St. Regis has provided cutting blades to both CCRD and JCDOT and St. Regis confirmed that they can deliver single bevel blades for this plow season provided they receive order confirmation October 18th.
The County Purchasing Department in coordination with the Joint Road Department Purchasing Team recommends the purchase of cutting blades provided by St. Regis Culvert in an amount estimated at $240,000.

Fiscal Impact
CCRD Cost $93,000
JCDOT Cost $147,000

The difference between the contract with Winter Equipment ($220,000) and the recommendation for St. Regis is about $20,000. CCRD 2019 maintenance budget is sufficient for the purchase of the estimated $93,000 in cutting blades as presented in the recommendation.
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