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AI- 3035   12. B. 4.    
BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 10/17/2019  
Approval of a Contract for Aerial Imagery with Pictometry International Corporation
FROM: Jim Dyer, Corporation Counsel, Corporation Counsel
Department: Corporation Counsel  

Resolved, the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners does hereby approve the agreement with Pictometry® International Corporation as presented and the Board Chair is authorized to sign the agreement on behalf of Calhoun County.

It is further resolved that the Administrator/Controller is authorized to negotiate agreements in the form attached hereto with each sub-unit of government in Calhoun County, together with any applicable governmental authority or non-profit corporation, to allow access to the Pictometry® products as an authorized user, with minor modifications, if necessary, that are acceptable to both the Administrator/Controller and Corporation Counsel.

The Director of Community Development, the GIS Manager, County Administration and the Corporation Counsel recommend approval of the resolution  as presented.  Approval  at this meeting is recommended since there is an October 30 deadline to get on the flight schedule for 2020.
This agreement with Pictometry is to update the County’s aerial imagery. As they did in 2015, Pictometry will collect both traditional ortho imagery – straight down view, and oblique imagery – bird’s eye view, of the County. The ortho imagery is currently used in various GIS applications. The oblique imagery is accessed using Pictometry’s associated web application, and is currently being used by various county departments including Equalization, Water Resources, and the Road Department, as well as most of the local assessors, and various township officials.
The City of Battle Creek started using oblique imagery in their assessing process in 2010. It was their experience, along with that of those who have access to the product in other counties, which led us to pursue the agreement signed by the board in 2015. Part of that process requires that the imagery be updated every 5 years. It is therefore time again for them to do so. The 2015 agreement provided for the County to pay 60 percent of the cost of the contract. 
The cost of this project for a 2020 flight is $178,540.00. The price is billable over a three year period with no interest. Similar to the 2015 project, it is proposed that the cost of the project will be divided equally between the CIP budgets of 2020, 2021, and 2022. Potentially, 63.6% of that cost could be covered/reimbursed by local unit buy-in.
In order to spread the cost of the project fairly between each municipality that might choose to participate, the actual cost to collect each of the 19 townships and 3 cities, if they were to separately contract at the rate available to the County, was calculated. A calculation was also done for the NHBP Tribal government, which indicated an interest in participation in the project, bringing the total number of potential participants to 24. These actual costs were then proportionately decreased by a targeted County contribution to the project of $65,000, which represents the cost of obtaining similar aerial imagery from another source. However, this alternative imagery data would not provide the oblique imagery at a resolution that is useful for property assessment, reducing its value to the local units, and County departments that rely on assessment information,  and making the project unnecessary.  As a result the actual cost to the County may be more than $65,000. To date 18 of 24 possible local entities have agreed to participate, representing a total contribution of $88,464 toward the project cost. The list below shows each municipality’s cost to participate.
Albion     $3,801.33
Athens     $3,944.89
Bedford     $11,439.79
Burlington     $5,403.81
Clarence     $4,105.78
Clarendon     $2,761.57
Convis     $2,399.96
Eckford     $2,590.87
Emmett     $6,569.63
Fredonia     $5,424.17
Homer     $3,498.38
Lee     $2,399.96
Leroy     $5,588.15
Marengo     $3,768.82
Marshall     $4,103.98
Newton     $2,721.35
Pennfield     $9,882.94
Sheridan     $3,848.63
Tekonsha     $4,789.33
City of Albion     $1,984.70
City of Battle Creek     $13,516.91
City of Marshall     $2,723.27
City of Springfield     $1.735.56
NHBP     $4,536.07
There is no requirement for the individual municipalities to participate, or pay, in order for the project to happen. However, individual municipality payment would be required in order for them to have access to the oblique imagery through Pictometry’s associated web application. Access to the ortho imagery will still be available to all via the County’s FetchGIS application. Municipality participation will dictate future oblique flights. As Pictometry is allowing the County to pay over a three year term, the municipalities would be allowed to do so as well if they so choose.
As in the past, authorized users will receive logins to Pictometry’s ConnectExplorer, the online viewer for the oblique imagery. Also as last time, this contract provides training for the use of the product. Any employee of participating municipalities may attend.    
As suggested by the Commission. The Commission could choose not to approve the agreement with Pictometry International Corporation for the collection of aerial imagery. County-wide oblique imagery would not be updated.
The Calhoun County Community Development Department requests that the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners approve and authorize signature of the agreement with Pictometry International Corporation as presented.      

Fiscal Impact
The County portion of $65,000 + would be budgeted over the next three years as a CIP project.
Calhoun County Pictometry Contract
User Agreement

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