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AI- 3036   12. B. 6.    
BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 10/17/2019  
Approval of Extension of the Corizon Contract for Jail Medical Care
FROM: Jim Dyer, Corporation Counsel, Corporation Counsel
Department: Corporation Counsel  

Resolved, that the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners approves the First Amendment to the Contract with Corizon Health, Inc. extending and amending the term of the contract until December 31, 2022, as presented.
The Sheriff, County Administration and the Corportaion Counsel recommend approval of the proposed resolution 
Corizon Health has provided Jail Inmate Health Care for Calhoun County for a considerable period of time. The existing contractual relationship with Corizon commenced on January 1, 2015, when the County entered into a new contract with Corizon Health to provide medical care services in the Calhoun County Jail. The contract was the result of a bidding process (RFP 129-14). After an extensive review, Corizon Health, which was the incumbent contractor, was selected to continue providing inmate medical care.  A copy of the Inmate Medical Care RFP recommendation to contract with Corizon, approved at the November 11, 2014, Board of Commissioners meeting is attached for information.

The proposed contract extension maintains the existing terms of service and staffing levels. The base compensation is increased based upon a current reference to the Midwest Medical Care Consumer Price Index (CPI) fixed at 2.38% for both years of the proposed extension.

The total annual cost is $2,068,538 in year 2020 (a $48,087 total annual increase); and $2,117,769 in year 2021 (a $49,231 total annual increase).

Finally, the contract amendment caps Corizon’s annual responsibility for HIV related treatment at $18,000, and clarifies that Corizon is not responsible for on-call mental health care services on holidays or weekends. This modification is acceptable and takes into consideration Corizon’s concern that these two categories of potential care were sufficiently variable and unpredictable that they could not adequately provide these service within the base annual compensation amount without a substantial increase. Administration considers that limiting the annual contract contract payment to a CPI based increase is a sufficient bassis to assume the possible additional cost of these two sevice categories.
As suggested by the Commission. The Commission must consider that the Sheriff and County are required by law to provide constitutionally adequate inmate medical care services. The proposed contract achieves that level of care.  
The Sheriff, County Administration and the Corporation Counsel recommend approval of the proposed resolution to approve the First Amendment to the Contract with Corizon Health, Inc. extending and amending the term of the contract until December 31, 2022.

Fiscal Impact
The proposed extension will not take effect until the 2020 budget year. The annual compensation agreed upon in the proposed contract are incorporated into the budget assumptions for fiscal years 2020 and 2021, and will be included in the approved budget for the Jail.
Proposed Contract
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