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AI- 3351   12. B. 7.    
BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 10/15/2020  
RFB#121J-20 Mineral Aggregate Award
Submitted For: Kelli Scott
FROM: Leslie Obrig, Purchasing Coordinator, Administrative Services
Department: Administrative Services  

 Resolved the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners does hereby approve the award of a three-year contract, and authorizes the Board Chair to execute the agreement on behalf of the County, with Carr Brothers & Sons Inc., Yellow Rose Transport, Osburn Industries, Inc., Stoneco of Michigan, and Trojan Sand and Gravel, to provide mineral aggregate material to the CCRD and JCDOT for the 2020/2021 construction seasons based on their bid response to RFB#121J-20.
County Administration recommends Board of Commissioner approval of the recommendation to award a contract with Carr Brothers & Sons Inc., Yellow Rose Transport, Osburn Industries, Inc., Stoneco of Michigan, and Trojan Sand and Gravel to act as the primary contractor for providing aggregate products which are specified for CCRD/JCDOT road projects for the 2020/2021 construction seasons, at an estimated annual amount of $250,000.

The Aggregate Materials RFB process is designed to solicit bids from qualified contractors to offer pickup and delivery of a variety of aggregate materials required on County roads at the direction of the CCRD/JCDOT. The term of the proposed contract will be for three years. All aggregate materials used in road construction are required to meet the latest Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) standard specifications. The contractor is required to provide the Road Department with density testing per MDOT specifications on all orders to the County. The Road Department will inspect each aggregate load and randomly test for compliance.

Six bids were received in response to the Aggregate Bid #121J-20: Stoneco of Michigan (Middleville, MI), Yellow Rose Sand and Gravel (Grandville, MI), Trojan Sand & Gravel (Homer, MI), Carr Brothers & Sons (Albion, MI) and Aggregate Resources, Inc. (Kalamazoo, MI). The Joint Purchasing Team recommends Carr, Trojan, Stoneco, Osburn, and Yellow Rose as the primary contractors for aggregate materials to both agencies, as illustrated by the attached bid tabulation showing the JCDOT recommendation for award in yellow and CCRD in green. In the event that any of these listed vendors cannot provide the proper aggregate material, the CCRD/JCDOT may select another qualified bidder from the RFB tabulation.

The CCRD/JCDOT Purchasing Team recommends Carr Bros, Yellow Rose, Osburn, Stoneco, and Trojan to provide mineral aggregate materials for local road construction projects for Calhoun and Jackson County based on their bid response to RFB#121J-20, at an estimated annual amount of $250,000.


Fiscal Impact
Funding for the purchase of aggregate materials is budgeted in the CCRD and JCDOT annual operating budget.

Orig. RFB
Carr Bros bid
Osburn bid
Stoneco bid
Trojan bid
Yellow Rose bid
Carr contract
Osburn contract
Trojan contract
Yellow Rose contract
Stoneco contract

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