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AI- 3352   9. B. 1.    
BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 10/15/2020  
Judicial Salaries Resolution
Submitted For: Kim Archambault FROM: Kim Archambault, HR Director, Human Resources
Department: Human Resources  

RESOLVED, the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners does hereby approve the increases to judicial salaries as presented, consistent with Public Act 31 of 2016. The full amount of the increase will be reimbursed by the State of Michigan.

It is recommended that the Board of Commissioners approve the Resolution Authorizing Judicial Salaries submitted herewith to keep the county in compliance with the Judicial Salaries Standardization Act.

See attached letter from the State of Michigan regarding Judges' salaries.  It is requested that the Board of Commissioners approve the Resolution concerning Judicial Salaries to stay compliant with the Judicial Salaries Standardization Act, and thus be eligible for 100% reimbursement from the State of Michigan for all judicial salary amounts authorized.

The County could decline to maintain county paid judicial salaries at levels provided for in Public Act 31 and thus forfeit the 100% state reimbursement. However, salaries would still have to be paid to Judges in an amount at least equivalent to the current levels, but at 100% county expense.


Fiscal Impact
The increase in salaries for Circuit and District Judges will be paid 100% directly to those Judges in their state paychecks, thus no increase in the current county paid supplement which is 100% reimbursed to the county by the state. The Probate Judge's salary is paid entirely by the counties and then reimbursed 100% by the state.

Judges Salary Memo 2020

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