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BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 11/07/2019  
Policy #340 - Employee Benefits
Submitted For: Kim Archambault FROM: Kim Archambault, HR Director, Human Resources
Department: Human Resources  

Resolved, the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners does hereby approve changes to the Employee Benefits Policy #340 as presented.
It is recommended that the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners approve changes to the Employee Benefits Policy #340 as presented.
The Employee Benefit Policy #340 applies to County non-union employees.  The primary reason for requesting changes at this time relates to the school nursing program at the Health Department.  With the transition away from the student based health centers, it was determined that the remaining school nurse program would run more efficiently if the nurses were compensated over the entire calendar year versus the school year (same salary amount, just prorated over 26 pay periods rather than 21).  This will allow them to assist with immunization clinics, training, and other issues as needed over the summer months, which has been problematic in prior years.  The only additional cost will be that health insurance benefits will be covered over the eight week period that the nurses were previously on lay-off, however, the cost will be offset by no longer having to cover unemployment benefits.

The remainder of the changes are clean-up language only to match current practice and/or language in the labor agreements, such as S&A administration and processing.  A red-lined version showing the specific changes is attached for your review.  

Fiscal Impact
There is no general fund budget impact, as the school nursing program is funded by a grant.
Policy #340 - Employee Benefits

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