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AI- 3079   12. B. 13.    
BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 12/19/2019  
Approval of Mailbox Replacement Policy
FROM: Jim Dyer, Corporation Counsel, Corporation Counsel
Department: Corporation Counsel  

Resolved, that the Calhoun County Board of Commission approves the Amendment to Policy 514 concering the Proper Installation of Mail and Newspaper Boxes, as presented.
The main purpose of the amendment to the policy is to permit quicker resolution of mailbox damage claims. The Road Department and Corporation Counsel recommend approval of the resolution.

The revised policy also eliminates outdated references to the Calhoun County Road Commission, and makes a change that alloaws the Road Department to act on resolving circumstatnces with a non-compliant mailbox with a complaint form a third-party. 
The tension between the need for mailboxes to be close to the edge of a road, and the desire to maintain a clear and safe road right of way creates the need for a uniform policy concering approved mailbox location and design.  It is also necessary to address, as a routine matter, the replacement of approved mailboxes when they are damaged by Road Department equipment, particularly snow plows, during winter maintenance.

The Road Department receives a number of mailbox damage claims during the winter maintenance. Damage by lawnmowers and other equipment is also possible, but far less likely. The proposed policy permits the Road Department to provide a 4" x 4" post and standard mailbox where a claim of mailbox damage is made by a property owner.The prior policy, adopted in 2012, was ambiguous concerning the responsibility for installation, and whether actual contact with the mailbox or post by County Road Department Equipment. The proposed policy expressly resolves these issues and permits a "no fault" resolution of some claims where the property owner agrees to be responsible for installation of the replacement mailbox or post.

This change will permit greater flexibility for the Road Departmnent to quickly resolve these claims, and reserves the right of inspection and dispute in other claims, and allows for the resolution of claims where it is disputed whether the equipment actually made contact with the mailbox or not, resulting in a better use of staff time. 

A redlined version comparing the previous policy and a clean copy of the proposed policy are included for your review.
As suggested by the Commission.
The Road Department and Corporation Counsel recomend approval of the resolution modifying existing Policy 514 

Fiscal Impact
None anticipated. The stock of posts and mailboxes is already purchased and within budgeted resources.
Existing Policy 514
Markup Copy
Propsed Policy Clean Copy

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