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BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 12/19/2019  
Senior Millage Supplemental Funding Request for the Dental Assistance Program
Submitted For: Kelli Scott
FROM: Helen Guzzo, Senior Services Manager, Senior Services
Department: Senior Services  

Resolved, that the Calhoun County Board of Commission does hereby approve the Senior Millage supplemental funding request for the Dental Assistance Program administered by the Fountain Clinic for Fifty-Five Thousand, Five Hundred, Forty-Four Dollars and 00/100 ($55,544.00) for costs incurred for dental procedures through December 31, 2019, and authorizes the Board Chair to sign the contract amendment as presented.
County Administration supports the approval of this supplemental request to cover the increased costs for dental procedures for Calhoun County seniors, age 60 and over, who have been served by the Fountain Clinic's Dental Assistance Program in 2019.  Funds to cover this request will come from Senior Millage's Fund Balance.  The Fountain Clinic operates this Dental Program in partnership with Grace Health.  As of November 30, 2019, the Fountain Clinic has served 283 individual Dental patients this year.  While treatment plans are approved at the time of referrals to area dentists who agree to see patients at a discounted rate for dental procedures such as fillings, extractions and dentures, costs for care have increased and are greater than the original contract of $375,000.

Fiscal Impact
Funding for Senior Millage funded services and its administration is provided through the collection of Senior Millage tax dollars (.7452 mils) and is recorded under revenue and expense accounts in fund #276. The Dental Assistance Program is a long-standing program of the Fountain Clinic. The Fountain Clinic is in its last year of a three year contract for $375,000 annually for funding of dental assistance. Dental assistance is not funded by Medicare or Medicaid for older adults, some Medicare Advantage plans have limited dental coverage. A new three year contract for dental services with the Fountain Clinic will start January 1, 2020. Cost for the dental program were greater than expected. The Senior Millage Allocation Committee (SMAC) approved the request supplemental funding request at its December 6, 2019 meeting. The funding increase will be wholly covered by a transfer from the Senior Millage fund balance. The Fountain Clinic program is assessed each year and is providing needed services in a quality manner.
Dental Supplemental Amendment

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