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BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 12/03/2020  
CARES CDBG Grant Funding - COVID19 Response
Submitted For: Kelli Scott FROM: Megan Banning, Finance
Department: Finance  

Resolved , the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners accepts the Community Development Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Funding Grant Agreement between the County and the Michigan Strategic Fund and authorizes Board Chair Steve Frisbie to sign the Grant Agreement and Statement of Just Compensation, as presented.
Administration recommends approval of the Grant Agreement and the Statement of Just Compensation in order to move forward with acceptance and use of the CARES funding of $439,771 available to Calhoun County for COVID-19 response efforts, including portions allocated to the BC Homeless Shelter, Inc.'s acquisition and equipping of the building at 209 E. Michigan Ave., Battle Creek, MI, 49017, to provide sheltering for homeless throughout Calhoun County.
In October 2020, the County held a Public Hearing and the Board approved a resolution permitting acceptance of $439,771 in CARES funding through the State Community Development Block Grant.  Attached is the grant agreement that needs to be signed and put into place in order to expend the funds.  The County has also been working with our CDBG funding representative to develop allowable strategies for use of these funds.

A large project that the County is participating in is the funding of the new Overnight Homeless Shelter at 209 East Michigan Ave. in Battle Creek.  To mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the community and to protect the homeless, potentially numbering 1,200 or more within Calhoun County, a new 501(c)3 nonprofit organization called Battle Creek Homeless Shelter, Inc. is acquiring an existing vacant commercial building and retrofitting it for use as a permanent day and night homeless shelter for this vulnerable population.
Calhoun County is requesting to use up to $125,000 of our CDBG CARES Act allocation to provide partial funding toward the $275,000 purchase price and related acquisition costs for the building, located at 209 East Michigan Ave., in the heart of downtown Battle Creek, MI 49014.  The building approximates 15,000 square feet that can be divided as needed.  Its location is within walking distance of other critical resources to help those in need, including the county’s Public Health Department, our local DHHS office, and The Haven of Battle Creek, which offers dedicated programs for those with substance use and mental health disorders and some limited sheltering, for men and women who qualify.  Funding has been secured for the remainder of the acquisition and other costs to renovate and equip the shelter, estimated to total $750,000.
Prior to March 2020, the homeless in our community had no emergency overnight sheltering options except for one small space within an existing nonprofit building that would allow for 15 men on floor mattresses.  In an emergency response to COVID-19, the City of Battle Creek offered to house the homeless overnight within a recreational facility not being used for its intended purpose due to COVID-19 Stay at Home restrictions.  This temporary solution was necessary according to CDC, state and local public health officials’ guidance in order to provide social distancing and other wrap-around services to help prevent the spread of the virus.  Federal, state and local funding along with volunteers and donations were used to cover costs associated with this temporary sheltering location.  This facility is no longer available with the City’s reopening of operations, and was never contemplated as a permanent homeless shelter. 
The new homeless shelter will address our community’s lack of sufficient space for safe emergency overnight sheltering, as well as greatly increase the capacity to provide adequate hygiene and meals in ways that did not exist before the COVID-19 pandemic.  The new shelter will also provide rehabilitation programs for the homeless population.
Administration requests the Board accept the CDBG CARES Act Grant Agreement and Statement of Just Compensation, as presented, and authorize Board Chair Steve Frisbie to sign both documents.

Fiscal Impact
The CDBG CARES funding of $439,771 will be used to fund projects or expenditures incurred to prevent, prepare for and respond to COVID-19 within Calhoun County. There is no impact on the County General Fund.
CDBG Grant Agreement
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Statement of Just Compensaion
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