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AI- 3407   9. B. 2.    
BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 12/17/2020  
MERS Adoption Agreement Addendums
Submitted For: Kim Archambault FROM: Kim Archambault, HR Director, Human Resources
Department: Human Resources  

Resolved, the Board of Commissioners does hereby approve the MERS Adoption Agreement Addendums and authorizes the HR Director to sign the agreements as presented.
It is recommended that the Board of Commissioners approve the MERS Adoption Agreement Addendums as presented.
MERS is requiring that all employers add Adoption Agreement Addendums that provide clarification to the way in which the defined benefit plans are administered and to ensure MERS records align with our current plan administration. These Addendum's will be effective January 1, 2021, but do not change the benefits associated with the pension plans.  Rather, they are just summary documents that show the specific details on how the plan is managed.  The first attachment covers the three County divisions and the second attachment is for the two Road Dept. divisions.

Fiscal Impact
County Addendums
Road Addendums

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