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AI- 2853   12. B. 4.    
BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 05/02/2019  
Request to accept the Risk Avoidance Program (RAP) Grants to Purchase TASERs, Digital Storage Equipment and Body Cameras.
Submitted For: Rick Redman
FROM: Rick Redman, Sheriff Department Finance, Sheriff's Department
Department: Sheriff's Department  

Resolved, that the Calhoun County Board of Commisioners accepts three grant awards from its risk manager the MMRMA to purchase TASER's, digital storage equipment and body worn cameras, and authorizes the County Administrator/Controller to sign all documents necessary complete the grant award process.
The Sheriff's Office recommends that BOC accept the Risk Avoidance Program (RAP) Grants to Purchase TASERs, Digital Storage Equipment and Body Cameras. 
Calhoun County Correctional Division would like to outfit key jail staff (Supervisors, Intake, Adseg), located in areas that the most use of force incidents occur and from which previous litigation stemmed,  with a body camera. It would require a total of ten (10) FirstVu body cameras to accomplish this.

By getting key staff outfitted with body cameras and procedures in place on when to activate and use the body cameras we will have better documentation and support for use of force incidents. It will give us close up footage and audio of exactly what transpired that led up to the use of force incident, giving the Calhoun County Sheriff Office the ability to reduce frivolous liability claims.

In addition to body cameras, we are asking for 12 new Taser X26P's.  Calhoun County Correctional Division has outdated tasers of three different generations. Taser International no longer services or repairs the models we currently employ.

The Calhoun County Sheriff Office has seen a decrease in incidents of injury to both staff and inmates since implementing the taser program. The use of a taser utilizes maximum neuromuscular incapacitation which allows for quicker control of a resisting subject while lowering the risk of injury to them, deputies or other bystanders. 

Lastly, Calhoun County Correctional Division is seeking additional storage space for digital media accrued through the new body cameras and taser camera footage. The storage system is able to be purchased commercially through Dell and would be installed by our own IT department so there are no other costs associated with the project other than the cost of the equipment itself.

Fiscal Impact
There is a 50% grant match that is budgeted in the 2018-19 CIP. The grant will fund the remaining portion of the purchase. Upon acceptance of the grant award the Sheriff's Office will prepare the budget amendment to fund the non CIP expenses which will be off set with the grant awards.
Award Letters

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