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Meeting Date: 05/02/2019  
Halbert Road Culvert Replacement
FROM: Kristine Parsons, Engineering Director, Road Department
Department: Road Department  

Resolved that the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners does hereby approve the award of the Halbert Road Culvert Replacement Project to Balkema Excavating.
It is the Calhoun County Road Department's (CCRD) recommendation to approve the award of the Halbert Road Culvert Replacement Project to Balkema Excavating, who was the low bidder with a price of $308,555.00
The culvert under Halbert Road is being replaced as part of Bedford's Local Road Program.  The existing series of 5 culverts will be replaced with a 20-foot by 5-foot segmental concrete box culvert, which is the required size based on MDEQ's permit.  Due to design & constructability issues, as well as a delay in obtaining the MDEQ permit, the culvert is just now ready to be installed. 
The Board could choose not to approve the award of this contract to Balkema Excavating.  If this award is not approved, the County could choose to award it to the next highest bidder, or not to award at all.  If no award was made, the Road Department would be unable to replace the Halbert Road Culvert in 2019 and could risk the failure of the existing culverts, which are in extremely poor condition.

Fiscal Impact
The Halbert Road Culvert Replacement project was included in the overall commitment that the County made as part of Bedford's Comprehensive Local Road Program contract, which capped the township's total match amount, 100% of which has been paid.
Halbert Road Bid Tab Summary

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