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BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 05/16/2019  
Countywide Pulverization Project Bid Award
Submitted For: Kelli Scott
FROM: Kristine Parsons, Engineering Director, Road Department
Department: Road Department  

Resolve that the Calhoun County Road Department does hereby approve the award of the 2019 Countywide Pulverization Project bid to Kalin Construction.
It is the Calhoun County Road Department's (CCRD) recommendation to approve the award of the 2019 Countywide Pulverization Project to Kalin Construction, who was the low bidder with a price of $84,956.25.
The Calhoun County Road Department put out a bid for pulverization/crush and shaping services for 4 road projects that are being completed this year.  This includes:

- 19 Mile Road from Partello Road to ½ mile north of Partello Road in Marengo Township
- 18 Mile Road from L Drive N to approximately 1500 feet north of L Drive N in Convis and Lee Townships
- 24 Mile Road from approximately 700 feet south of L Drive N to approximately 2400 feet south of L Drive N in Sheridan and Marengo Townships
- 25 ½ Mile Road from F Drive S to 27 Mile Rd (Finley Drive) in Albion Township

25 1/2 Mile Road in Albion Township was slated to be resurfaced as part of a federal aid project in 2018, but as a result of project delays related to the statewide labor dispute, the road is no longer in a condition to be resurfaced.  As per MDOT's guidance, the County will be managing the pulverization of this roadway under a local contract and will coordinate this work with the federally funded paving project that is scheduled to start in June 2019.
The Board could choose not to approve the award of this contract to Kalin Construction.  If this award is not approved, the County could choose to award it to the next highest bidder, or not to award at all.  If no award was made, the Road Department would be unable to complete any of the proposed pulverization in 2019.

Fiscal Impact
For local projects, the cost of the pulverization work will be shared with the township at the 70/30 ratio specified in County Policy 509. For the 25 1/2 Mile Road work, the cost for the pulverization will be paid by the Road Department. These projects were included in the approved 2019 CCRD budget.
Pulverization Bid Comparison

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