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AI- 2944   12. B. 5.    
BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 08/01/2019  
Purchasing Policy#405 Waiver
Submitted For: Kelli Scott
FROM: Brad Wilcox, Assistant County Administrator , Administration
Department: Administration  

Resolved the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners does hereby approve the request from the Purchasing Department for the waiver of Purchasing Policy #405 and authorizing the County Administrator/Contoller to execute an agreement with Shouldice Industrial Manufacturers and Contractors, Inc, in the amount of $54,500.

The Purchasing Department recommends that the BOC provide a waiver of the Purchasing Policy requiring competitive sealed bids for projects over $20,000 due to the limited amount of time available to complete construction on schedule with the Public Defender Office plan to initiate services in September 2019. The recommendation for an agreement with Shouldice in the amount of $54,500 would ensure compliance with the MIDC grant requirement to provide greater access to attorneys for defendants.
 The County has accepted a grant from the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission (MIDC) to provide legal representation for defendants who are not able to afford their own attorney. One of the requirements of the MIDC is improved access to the defendants for representation in criminal matters. In order to comply with this requirement, the County is proposing that two interview rooms be constructed in the Jail intake area. This construction will provide a secure confidential place for attorneys to meet with clients that are in Jail waiting to appear in Court.

The Purchasing Department requested written bids from contractors for the construction of the two interview rooms for the Public Defender attorneys and their clients. Construction quotes were received by two local contractors, including Shouldice and Schweitzer Construction. After reviewing the quotes, the Facility staff determined that Shouldice presented the lowest cost and most responsible bid based on the construction project’s scope of work. The amount of the Shouldice bid was $54,500.

The Purchasing Policy #405, Section III (C) states the following; “Competitive Procurement Limits- All contracts of the County shall be awarded by competitive sealed bidding when estimated costs of the contemplated purchase exceed $20,000, unless specifically waived by the County Board of Commissioners.” The Purchasing Department requests that the BOC provide a waiver of this Purchasing Policy provision due to the limited amount of time available to complete construction on schedule with the Public Defender Office plan to initiate services in September 2019. The preparation of bid documents and public bidding process would require a minimum of 120 days. The delay would hinder the ability of Public Defender attorneys to properly represent their clients in a way that would meet the MIDC grant requirements.
The Purchasing Department requests BOC waiver for Purchasing Policy #405 in order to enter into an agreement with Shouldice to build interview rooms in the jail to facilitate improved attorney access to defendants as required by the MIDC grant.

Fiscal Impact
The 54,500 in construction costs will be charged to the MIDC grant.
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