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BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 08/15/2019  
Approval of a Resolution Waiving Local Funding of Return Gravel Road Construction
FROM: Jim Dyer, Corporation Counsel, Corporation Counsel
Department: Corporation Counsel  

Resolved, that the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners approves the attached resolution as presented to permit the Managing Director of the Road Department to grant a variance from Policy 509, during the balance of 2019, and waive any local contribution where a township has requested that a paved road be returned to gravel.
The Road Department, County Administration and the Corporation Counsel recommend approval of the resolution.
The County Board of Commissioners has adopted policy 509 concerning the Local Road Improvement Funding Program. This Policy details the local match required by the County to complete certain road improvement projects, including local roads. 

While Policy 509 does not specifically address the circumstances of a paved road being crushed, and gravel added, with the intent that the road be returned to, and maintained n the future as, a gravel road, it does require a 50% local participation where a road is "Re-graveled", see Policy 509 Section (III)(D). The proposed policy would permit a waiver of the local contribution requirement for re-graveling where a Township requests, and enters into an Agreement with the County, to crush and re-gravel an existing paved road. 

The waiver program would permit such projects at no cost to the Township, while providing a substantial benefit to the County to avoid the more costly, potentially repetitive and possibly ineffective process of pothole patching the roads that a Township wishes to return to gravel. Providing a waiver process will also allow the County to enter into these sort of agreements without modifying its existing position that it has the right to return a failed paved road to gravel, particularly where such action is dictated by safety concerns. 
The Road Department, County Administration and the Corporation Counsel recommend approval of the resolution to permit a waiver of Policy 509 to permit the crushing and re-graveling of an existing paved road, at the request of a Township, at 100% County cost. 

Fiscal Impact
Variance - Policy 509 Return to Gravel

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