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BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 09/05/2019  
Cutting Edge RFB#111J-19 Award
Submitted For: Kelli Scott
FROM: Brad Wilcox, Assistant County Administrator , Administration
Department: Administration  

Resolved the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners does hereby approve the contract with Winter Equipment Company, Inc. for the purchase of cutting blades in an amount estimated at $220,000.
The Purchasing Department requests Board of Commissioner approval for a contract with Winter Equipment Company for the purchase of cutting blades, to be used by the Calhoun County Road Department and the Jackson County Department of Transportation, in an amount estimated at $220,000.
Cutting edges are the hard metal inserts applied to snow plow blades to scrape snow and ice from roadways. These blades wear down from friction and are replaced regularly during the winter maintenance season. The Joint Purchasing Team developed the bid specification and the County Purchasing Department issued the Cutting Edge bid #111J-19 in coordination with the Calhoun County Road Department (CCRD) and Jackson County Department of Transportation (JCDOT). Four responsive bids were received in response to RFP#111J-19 including; St. Regis (Charlotte, MI), Wear Parts (Aurora, CO), Valk Manufacturing (New Kingstown, PA) and Winter Equipment (Willoughby, OH).
Bid results were evaluated by the Joint Purchasing Team representing CCRD and JCDOT staff.

As a result of the evaluation process, the proposal from the apparent low bidder, Valk Manufacturing, was deemed nonresponsive as to required specifications regarding quality.  

 Winter Equipment was selected as the lowest cost and most responsible bidder. Winter Equipment specializes in the distribution of a wide variety of wear parts for road maintenance equipment to both private business and municipal accounts. Winter Equipment provides cutting edges to a number of road agencies in the US and throughout Canada including, Colorado DOT, City of Kent, OH, and New Hampshire DOT. They stock a wide variety of profiles and steel thicknesses in standard high carbon or special heat treatments as required by the Road Department bid specifications. Firm fixed pricing is guaranteed for 90 days and the blades were bid for truckload quantities in four separate lengths. If the estimated quantities were shipped in 2019 the total cost would be estimated at $220,000.
The County Purchasing Department in coordination with the Joint Road Department Purchasing Team recommends the purchase of cutting blades provided by Winter Equipment Company in an amount estimated at $220,000.

Fiscal Impact
CCRD Cost $82,000
JCDOT Cost $138,000

The CCRD 2019 maintenance budget is sufficient for the purchase of the estimated $82,000 in cutting blades as presented in the recommendation. The cost per blade as recommended is about 3.8% more expensive than the 2018 low bid,
Cutting Edge Contract
Winter Equipment RFB
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