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AI- 2978   9. B. 1.    
BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 09/05/2019  
2019 MERS Officer and Employee Delegate
Submitted For: Kim Archambault FROM: Kim Archambault, HR Director, Human Resources
Department: Human Resources  

Resolved the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners does hereby approve the 2019 MERS Officers and Employee Delegates as presented.
It is recommended that the Board of Commissioners approve the 2019 MERS Officers and Employee Delegates as presented.
For the MERS pension plan, the County Board has the ability to appoint an Officer Delegate and an Employee Delegate to represent the organization as voting members at the MERS Annual Meeting and attendance at the MERS Annual Conference.  

The Officer Delegate shall be a MERS member who holds a department head position or above, exercises management responsibilities, and is directly responsible to the legislative, executive or judicial branch of government.  It is recommended that the Board appoint Lucy Blair (Communications Manager) as the Officer Delegate, and Kim Archambault (HR and Labor Relations Director) as the Officer Alternate.

The Employee Delegate shall be an employee member who is not responsible for management decisions, receives direction from management and, in general, is not directly responsible to the legislative, executive, or judicial branch of government.  The employee(s) must be chosen by secret ballot election of the organizations MERS members.  The secret ballot election was conducted in August 2019 and the winner was Jonathan Pignataro (Detective).  The Alternate Employee Delegate winner was Matthew D. Miller (Sergeant). 

The 2019 Officer and Employee Delegate Certification form has been completed/attached with the above information and we request that the Board Chair sign the form as presented.

Fiscal Impact
2019 MERS Delegate Certification Form

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