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BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 03/18/2021  
Culvert Bid Recommendation
Submitted For: Kelli Scott
FROM: Brad Wilcox, Assistant County Administrator , Administration
Department: Administration  

 Resolved the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners does hereby approve the one year contract with St Regis Culverts Inc. , to provide culverts and related hardware to the Calhoun County Road Department as presented and authorize the Board Chair to execute the agreement on behalf of the County.
 The CCRD Purchasing Team recommends St Regis Culverts Inc., for the award of a one year contract to provide culverts and related hardware to the Calhoun County Road Department for an annual amount estimated at $50,000
The County Purchasing Department collaborated with the Calhoun County Road Department (CCRD) to develop bid specifications designed to solicit proposals from qualified vendors to provide culvert pipes and hardware of varying lengths and diameter.

A formal bid, RFB#104-21 Culverts was issued on February 16, 2021, seeking qualified contractors to provide culverts designed to allow water to flow under roadways throughout Calhoun County. The culvert bids were requested in various materials, lengths and diameters. St Regis (Charlotte, MI) responded to the solicitation with a proposal.

The CCRD Purchasing Team reviewed the proposal and verified that St Regis’s proposal was responsive for the award of the culvert bid. In analyzing the culvert proposals, the Purchasing Team recommends the galvanized steel pipe provided by Jensen last contract period for the CCRD.
 The CCRD Purchasing Team recommends St Regis as the qualified vendor to provide culvert pipe to the CCRD for a one year period with an estimated amount of $50,000.

Fiscal Impact
Culvert replacement costs are included on a project basis in the approved 2021 Road Department budget.
Culvert RFB104-21
Culvert Bid Tab
St FRegis Bid
Culvert Contract

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