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AI- 3528   12. B. 13.    
BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 03/18/2021  
Road Mileage Certification
Submitted For: John Midgley
FROM: Kristine Parsons, Engineering Director, Road Department
Department: Road Department  

Resolved that the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners does hereby approve the Annual Road Mileage Certification as presented and authorizes the Board Chair/County Administrator to electronically sign necessary documents on behalf of Calhoun County. 
It is the recommendation of the Calhoun County Road Department to approve the Annual Road Mileage Certification as presented in the provided maps and certification summary.  
In 2020, we added 0.10 mile of road to our certified road system as part of the Emmett Local Road Improvement program and decertified 1.41 miles of road from our certified system.  The decertified roads included Sperry Ave. in Bedford Township & the roads serving as parking lots and access drives to the county parks, including Kimball Pines, the Ott Preserve, & Historic Bridge Park.
The Board may choose not to approve the Annual Road Mileage Certification.  If this occurs, the State of Michigan will withhold our Michigan Transportation Funds (MTF).

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