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BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 03/18/2021  
Countywide Broadband Initiative Presentation and Approvals
Submitted For: Kelli Scott
FROM: Kelli Scott, Administrator/Controller, Administration
Department: Administration  

Resolved, that the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners approves the attached Resolution supporting the pursuit of a Countywide Broadband Initiative to provide internet services to all residents, approves Membership Agreement and Services Agreement with Merit Network, Inc. for Broadband Access Data Collection based on proposal in the attached documents, and authorizes the County Administrator/Controller to finalize and execute all necessary documents to effectuate these services.
 County Administration recommends the Board approve the attached Resolution of Support for the County to pursue next steps in a Countywide Broadband Initiative with a goal to provide internet access to all residents, and approves the engagement of Merit Network, Inc. to provide Broadband Data Collection Services.
 Lee Adams, administrator for the Southcentral Michigan Planning Council and Mac McCullough from Willard Library will provide an overview of the proposed Broadband Initiative, spearheaded by the local Digital Equity Coalition.   Then the Board is requested to approve a Support Resolution and Agreements with Merit Network, Inc. to move forward with next steps.

Fiscal Impact
The only cost thus far for the Broadband Initiative is the engagement of Merit Network, Inc. of approximately $40,000 to provide data collection services. This cost will be covered entirely with funds to be remitted by the Battle Creek Community Foundation, which is holding funds contributed by community partners, including $10,000 from Calhoun County from available grant funds within the Health Department. Future costs will be determined within a feasibility study, and the obligation of any future funding from the County is subject to approval by the County and its Board of Commissioners as required by Board Policy and Administrative Authority.
Broadband Resolution
Merit Network quote
Merit Network membership
Merit Agreement Form
Merit SOW and Timeline

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