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AI- 3538   12. B. 4.    
BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 04/13/2021  
Clerk's Records Management Upgrade
Submitted For: Kelli Scott
FROM: Brad Wilcox, Assistant County Administrator , Administration
Department: Administration  

Resolved, that the Software and Services Agreement between Kofile Technologies, Inc. and Calhoun County is hereby approved, as presented, and the Board authorizes the County Administrator/Controller to negotiate and execute a final contract with Kofile contingent upon the approval of the County Corporation Counsel.
County Administration recommends that the five-year software services agreement with Kofile Technologies in the amount not to exceed $43,000 plus travel expenses be adopted by the BOC as presented. The County Clerk and the Corporation Counsel are actively involved in negotiating a revision to the standard Kofile contract terms, which are also attached for review, but will likely have some necessary revisions.
In May 2017, the BOC approved a records management system agreement between the Clerk’s Office and Kofile Technology to provide the indexing, scanning and retrieval of all vital records including Birth, Death, Marriage, and Assumed Name Certificates. In addition to vital records, the Kofile system handles the recording and e-recording of land documents.

The transfer of the Clerk’s vital, land and election records to the Kofile System enhanced services available to the public as well as streamlining records processes in the office including;
• Reduction in paper use. Documents are no longer printed but are scanned directly into the records system saving an estimated 1000 pages daily.
• Indexing and verifying each land record was done manually on paper. Kofile enables important data to be captured automatically reducing the potential for human error.
• E-recording land record electronically limits time associated with opening paper mail, hand sticking each page, distributing it to the clerks who then must process the land recording.
• E-recording land records takes a quarter of the time to process and reduces costs compared to physically papered records. Kofile records eliminates bounced checks and time required to track payment of those funds. Each vendor has an account which electronically deposits the funds into the Clerk’s bank account. E-Recorded land records are sent electronically to the Treasurer’s office when they need to be tax certified.
• Mandatory fields that must be entered into the system before it will let you file a vital record improves accuracy.
• Clerk staff members have a scanner at their desk and can scan updated or new copies of land, vital and election records into Kofile as well as CPL (Concealed Pistol License) information into the Michigan State Police CPL site. Kofile has reduced the staff’s time away from their desk and paper that we must keep.

Kofile recently acquired the Seamless Docs Company. This company makes it possible for the Clerk’s Office to integrate SDC technology and streamline it with the Kofile document system. The COVID-19 pandemic has made remote access to the critical services provided by the Clerk’s Office a necessity. The Clerk’s goal during the pandemic is to utilize technology to provide superior services to the public. Providing online Marriage Applications was a top priority. Due to COVID, limiting access to the Clerk’s office the need to process online applications was critical. The Kofile remote marriage license program improves customer service and reduces staff time when compared to time spent by staff processing marriage applications using the current process. Marriage applications on-site take 45 minutes while remote applications take 10 – 15 minutes. The Kofile remote application also offers additional benefits such as minimizing errors, reducing supply costs and enabling future enhancements such as a complete virtual wedding process from application to ceremony via Zoom.

The enhanced Kofile document management system will enable remote access to request certified copies of Birth, Death and Marriage license records. Requests would be available online from the Clerk’s portal on the County website. The public will be able to fill out the request forms online, upload necessary documentation and pay for their requested records. Kofile will increase efficiency and time Clerk staff will need to process request by customers onsite or with paper requests by mail, many times without the necessary documentation needed to fulfill the request. Often staff must then send the request back with instructions, which can cost money for postage and envelopes. The Clerk’s staff prides themselves on a swift turnaround time for processing vital records from 2-4 business days. Many other counties can take up to a week or longer.
 County Administration and the County Clerk are recommending a five-year contract with Kofile Technology to provide Remote Marriage Application that will give the public the ability to submit marriage license applications and access vital records from anywhere at any time using the Kofile document management system at a cost of up to $43,000 plus travel (one time expense) per year.

Fiscal Impact
The five-year cost of the Kofile upgrade as presented;

Remote Marriage $28,000 / year * ($2,000 discount if contract signed by 3/31/2021)

Vital Records $15,000 / year

Travel costs extra

*Jackson, Roscommon, and Washtenaw (which has Tyler Technologies) counties are all looking into the Kofile program. Calhoun County could be the first one in Michigan to use this technology. Kofile is offering a discount of $2,000 a year, a $10,000 savings over a 5-year contract period if we sign the contract by March 31, 2021.

Some counties are looking to possibly charge a service fee to help defray some of the cost, this could be approximately $10 or more. (We charge a “fax/email” fee at this time of $3). Based on the recent County fee study, the numbers show we are in the deficit range when it comes to the time it takes to process a vital record and a marriage license. Increasing our fee for the first copy of a vital record, which would include certified copies of the marriage license would help generate more revenue. Our fees for vital record certified copies has remained the same for over 30 years.

• 54 of the 83 counties charge more than we do for the first copy of a vital record.
• 42 counties charge $15 or more for the first copy of a vital record.

The Michigan Association of County Clerks (MACC) legislative agenda for 2021 includes the increase of the Marriage License fee from $20 for a county resident to $30-$50. Currently, $5 is kept by our office and $15 is given to the courts counseling fund, which they are to give an annual report to the Board of Commissioners on how that money is being spent. Hopefully, the legislature will see that it costs much more than $5 to process a marriage license. Fee increases are never a first resort but staffing costs, printer, paper, and ink are all costs that are not being adequately covered by current fees.
Kofile Contract
Kofile Standard Term of Service

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