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AI- 3545   12. B. 7.    
BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 04/13/2021  
2021 Remonumentation Appointments and Contract Approvals
FROM: Jim Dyer, Corporation Counsel, Corporation Counsel
Department: Corporation Counsel  

Resolved, that the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners does approve the revised 2021 surveyor list and appoints these Professional Surveyors as the Calhoun County Remonumentation Peer Group, and authorizes the County Board Chair to sign the County Representative and Peer Group contracts, and to further authorize the County Administrator/Controller to sign those contracts and to act as the County Remonumentation Grant Administrator, as presented, in order to carry out the approved 2021 Survey and Remonumentation Grant.
Community Development recommends that the County Board of Commissioners approve and sign the 2021 Survey and Remonumentation Program Surveyor Agreements as presented. The Agreements have been reviewed and approved by County Corporation Counsel.
Act 354 of 1990, being MCL 54.261, requires every Michigan County to conduct surveying and remonumentation activity according to an approved County plan. The Act also provides for the County Board to appoint Peer Group of surveyors to "review and provide advice on original public land survey corners or protracted public land survey corners. . . " within the County; MCL 54.269b.. Also required are the appointment of a County Representative to coordinate remonumentation activity, and a grant administrator to control the state funds, allocated by an annual grant, required by statute to pay for this survey and remonumentation activity.

On December 17, 2020, the County Board of Commissioners approved the grant application for the 2021 Survey and Remonumentation Program. Having received the grant for 2021, and in order to implement the previously approved County Survey and Remonumentation Program, it is necessary for the County to enter into a contract with each of the Calhoun County Remonumentation Peer Group members to execute the approved work plan.
The Remonumentation Peer Group members are selected by Michael P. Pratt, P.S. appointed by the Board of Commissioners on August 6, 2020, as the County Representative for the Remonumentation Program. This resolution appoints the revised Remonumentation Peer Group and approves all of their contracts and the contract for the County Representative. All members of the Peer Group are licensed professional surveyors that have participated with the Calhoun County program in the past, with one exception. The County Representative has recommended the addition of Marc Budzinski, PS, of Monument Engineering Group Associates, Inc., to the Peer Group. This company has purchased the surveying business previously owned by Robert Carr. Headquartered in Fowlerville, MI, they will be operating out of Carr’s office in Battle Creek.  A list of the 2020 Calhoun County Peer Group members is attached.

The proposed contracts are unchanged from last year, except for the dollar amount. The total amount budgeted for Remonumentation services has been divided equally among the members of the Peer Group for a total of $11,363.00 per contract, except for the contract with Mike Groat of KEBS, Inc., since he has opted to do research only, rather than locate corners as well, his contract is for $1,500.00. As in the past the County representative Contract is $13,200.00, and covers coordination of Remonumentation Program and the Peer Group.

As in the past, the County Board has appointed the Calhoun County/Administrator to act as the Remonumentation Grant Coordinator, as required by MCL 54.269a.

Adoption of this Resolution is the last step necessary to approve the grant fund remonumentation activities conducted within Calhoun County.
As suggested by the Commission. However, approval of these contracts is necessary to carry out the County Remonumentation plan, and to use the approved grant money. 
The Community Development Department recommends that the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners approve the revised surveyor list for the Calhoun County Remonumentation Peer Group and authorize, as presented, the 2021 Survey and Remonumentation Program Surveyor Agreements.

Fiscal Impact
There is no General Fund budget impact. The County Representative and Peer Group contracts are primarily paid through the 2021 Remonumentation Grant funds which have already been approved for the 2021 program. The contracts specify compensation not to exceed the grant amount. The grant revenue and contract expense involved are all accounted for in the approved 2021 General Fund Budget.
2021 Peer Group List
2021 County Representative Contract
2021 Budzinski Peer Group Contract
2021 Bumstead Peer Group Contract
2021 Groat Peer Group Contract
06 Koch Peer Review Contract
2021 Miller Peer Review Contract
2021 Pratt Peer Review Contract

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