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BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 04/13/2021  
Approval of a Road Use Agreement for the Savion Solar Energy Project
FROM: Jim Dyer, Corporation Counsel, Corporation Counsel
Department: Corporation Counsel  

Resolved, that the Calhoun County Board of Commission does approve the Road Use Agreement between the County and the Calhoun County Solar Project, LLC, as presented.
The Road Department and County Administration recommends approval of the resolution. While this would usually be considered an administrative matter, subject to approval by the Road Department Managing Director, the County has no current policy concerning these agreements. It is presented for consent by the Board, with the intent that the Administration will present a policy for the Board's consideration that will permit approval of these agreements by the Managing Director., within defined parameters.  Several other such agreements are anticipated in the near future, for similar projects. It is anticipated that this agreement will be a template for future agreements.
Calhoun County Solar Project, LLC is constructing and will operate the Savion Energy Solar Project, located North West of Albion, in Marengo Township. Once all approvals for the project are obtained (from other jurisdictions) construction of the project, will generate substantial traffic of heavy equipment and construction materials primarily along portions of West Michigan, Division Drive, 25 1/2 mile Road, B Drive North, and Starr Commonwealth Road. Details are included in the map attached as an Exhibit to the agreement.

The final agreement was achieved after substantial negotiations by the Corporation Counsel with the project representatives, who were quite responsive to the concerns expressed by the County. The agreement sets out a process for documenting the pre-project conditions of roads used for the project, evaluating their post construction condition, compensating the county for damages and repairs, establishes a means of resolving disputes concerning these issues, and creates a process to quickly resolve and enforce the resolution of those disputes. 

This project  will result in the use of about 300 temporary jobs over the construction period, expected to last about one year. Those jobs will be sourced locally to the extent practical. During operation, the Project will provide the equivalent of 3-5 full-time jobs. It is estimated that the project will pay more than $15 million in local taxes over its 35-year life.

As suggested by the Commission. 
County Administration and the Road Department recommend approval of a resolution to approve the Road Use Agreement between the County and the Calhoun County Solar Project, LLC.

Fiscal Impact
None anticipated. Damage to the roads, if any will be compensated by the project developer/owner.
Road Use Agreement - Savion

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