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Calhoun County Board of Commissioners
Thursday, May 6, 2021, 7:00 p.m.
Board of Commissioners Meeting Room
Marshall, Michigan (Held Remotely via Zoom)
District 1
District 5
District 2
District 6
District 3
District 7
District 4

1.   Call to Order/Roll Call
2.   Moment of Silence/Invocation
3.   Pledge of Allegiance
4.   Approval of Agenda
(Action: Motion to Approve by Roll Call Vote)
5.   Approval of Minutes
(Action: Motion to Approve by Roll Call Vote)
a.   Minutes of the April 13, 2021 Board of Commissioners' Equalization Session according to MCL209.5 --Attachment
6.   Citizens' Time
a.   Citizens' Time Call In Numbers--Attachment
7.   Elected/Appointed County Officials' Comments
8.   Special Order of Business
9.   Consent Agenda
(Action: Motion to Approve by Roll Call Vote)
A.   Petitions, Communications, Reports
1.   Resolutions from Other Counties to be Acknowledged--Attachments:

1} Cheboygan County re: 4-year Commissioner Terms
2} Iron County re: Release of COVID-19 Federal Funds
3} Iron County re: Wolf Management
4} Wexford County re: 4-year Commissioner Terms
5} Grand Traverse County re: Denouncing Threats of Violence
6} Berrien County re: County Revenue Sharing Fund
7} Alger County re: Support of Local Businesses
B.   Resolutions
1.   Appointment to Calhoun County Senior Millage Allocation Committee (SMAC) ;

(Filling remainder of term replacingTeresa Schell, expiring April 30, 2023)

1) Dominic Oo

2.   Creation of Calhoun County Broadband Task Force, and Appointment of Initial Members:

(Terms indefinite)

1) Mac McCullough, Community Engagement Librarian, Willard Library (chair)
2) Angela Stewart, Community Initiatives Officer, Battle Creek Community Foundation
3) Kathy Szenda Wilson, Co-executive Director, BC Pulse, and Battle Creek City Commissioner, Ward 4
4) Jim Haadsma, State Representative, 62nd District
5) Lee Adams, Director, Southcentral Michigan Planning Council and Community Development Leader, W.E. Upjohn Institute
6) Dr. Raymond Barclay, Chief Planning Officer, Albion College
7) Dr. Paul Watson, Vice President for Instruction, Kellogg Community College
8) Gary Tompkins, County Commissioner, District 7
9) Jake Smith, County Commissioner, District 3
10) Sam Lutgring, Assistant Superintendent, Techology Services, Calhoun Intermediate School District
11) Art Kale, Manager, Village of Homer, MI
3.   Consent for Local Road Agreements with Albion & Eckford Townships--Attachments
4.   FY21 Calhoun County Public Health Departmentl Grant Awards--Attachment
5.   457 Retirement Savings Plan Acknowledgment and Agreement--Attachment
10.   Special Committee/Workshop/Board Reports
11.   Unfinished and Old Business
12.   New Business and County Administrator's Report
A.   Administrator/Controller's Report
B.   New Business
1.   Calhoun County Road Department (CCRD) Grant application to EGLE for Local Freight Vehicles, Port Drayage Vehicles, Transit & Shuttle Buses Replacement --Attachment (Action: Motion to Approve by Roll Call Vote)
2.   Calhoun County March 2021 Financials (Attachment) -- Action: Motion to Accept for Information Only, by Roll Call Vote
3.   Site Readiness Planning contracts with Burns & McDonnell--Attachment (Action: Motion to Approve by Roll Call Vote)
4.   Kimball Pines Park Contract with PEA Group--Attachment (Action: Motion to Approve by Roll Call Vote)
13.   Citizens' Time
a.   Citizens' Time Call In Numbers--Attachment
14.   Commissioners' Time
15.   Claims Payable Listing
(Action: Motion to Approve by Roll Call Vote)
a.   Claims Payable for April 2, 2021 through April 29, 2021 in the amount of $6,007,380.64.--Attachments
16.   Announcements
17.   Adjournment

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