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BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 06/03/2021  
Calhoun County 2021 Summer and Winter Property Tax Resolution
Submitted For: Kelli Scott
FROM: Kelli Scott, Administrator/Controller, Administration
Department: Administration  

Resolved, that the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners approves the attached resolution to levy Calhoun County summer and winter property taxes in 2021, as presented.
It is recommended that the County Board of Commissioners approve the attached resolution to levy Calhoun County summer and winter property taxes in 2021.
The General Property Tax Act, Public Act 206 of 1893, as amended, authorizes the County to levy property taxes. Public Act 357 of 2004 (Michigan Compiled Law 211.44a) amended the General Property Tax Act to require that all Michigan Counties levy a summer property tax for all of the mills authorized for the County through a separate tax limitation vote. In accordance with Public Act 357 of 2004, the County shall levy 5.3779 mills with the summer 2021 levy. The County's remaining millages of 0.2482 mills for medical care, 0.7452 mills for senior services, 0.2000 mills for parks and 0.1000 mills for veterans services are planned to be levied in the winter of 2021.

Also attached to this communication is Form L-4029, 2021 Tax Rate Request, for the County, which has been prepared to correspond to the attached resolutions. The County met the requirements of Michigan Complied Law 211.24e ("Truth in Taxation") by complying with Section 16 of the Uniform Budgeting and Accounting Act when the County's budget was presented and adopted in December of 2020. For this reason, no separate Truth-In-Taxation is required for the County for 2021. A certified copy of Form L-4029 will be provided to local clerks so that the County's summer and winter millage can be timely levied.
It is requested that the Board of Commissioners approve the attached resolution.

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