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BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 06/17/2021  
Approval of Contracts for Two Senior Strategic Projects
Submitted For: Kelli Scott
FROM: Helen Guzzo, Senior Services Manager, Senior Services
Department: Senior Services  

Resolved, the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners does hereby approve the funding for two Senior Strategic Projects described below and authorizes the Board Chair to sign the two contracts as presented:

1) $17,500 to the Albion Health Care Alliance for the relocation of food distribution in Albion and the establishment of a food pantry project called the Community Table; and
2) $125,000 along with a $50,000 matching challenge to Region 3B Area Agency on Aging dba CareWell Services Southwest for the relocation of Heritage Commons Senior Enrichment Center and the remodeling of space at 15885 W. Michigan Avenue, Marshall, MI  49068.

County Administration supports the funding recommendations made by the Senior Millage Allocation Committee. The Senior Millage Allocation Committee recommended funding of the project from the Albion Health Care Alliance at its May 7, 2021 meeting and the CareWell Services SW project  at its June 4, 2021 meeting.  These funding recommendations are the result of a Request for Proposals (RFP) #110-21 issued on March 15, 2021. The funding for Senior Strategic Projects is fund balance that has previously been received from Personal Property Tax Reimbursement and FireKeepers Revenue Sharing.

This was the County's second Request for Proposals for Senior Strategic Projects.  Eight proposals were received.  The RFP Review Subcommittee consisted of Helen Guzzo, Jim Powers, Bob Lying, Gary Tompkins and Yvonne Chapman.  Tom Hunsdorfer also reviewed the proposals and participated in the discussion deciding which of the proposals to invite to make fuller presentations to the RFP Review Subcommittee.   Each member reviewed all the proposals and attended two meetings to make recommendations.  This time and thoughtful comments are greatly appreciated.  Helen Guzzo, Senior Services Manager, chaired the RFP Review Subcommittee.  County staff, Brad Wilcox and Jen Bomba also participated in the reviews and provided guidance.  Here is the timeline for the RFP:
March 15, 2021:          County issued RFP
April 14, 2021:             Proposals due
April 21, 2021:             Initial Review Subcommittee Meeting to down list proposals, eight proposals were received and two were recommend to advance to the next stage of review
April 27, 2021:             Presentations by CareWell Services and Albion Health Care Alliance
April 29, 2021:             Applicants notified of Subcommittee Recommendations
May 7, 2021:               SMAC approved the recommendation to fund the Albion Health Care Alliance, Community Table
June 4, 2021:              SMAC approved the recommendation to fund CareWell Services, the relocation/remodel of Heritage Commons

Proposals Received:
  1.  Albion Health Care Alliance - $17,500 for staff and equipment needed as part of a community collaborative effort to relocate the three times a month food distribution from the Albion Food Hub which is being sold by its owners to a location on the campus of Albion College.  Approximately 45% of people receiving food boxes are 60 and over. They will staff the new effort, standardize data collection, and coordinate volunteers.
  2. Battle Creek Habitat for Humanity - $81,917 to construct a house.  The proposal was nonresponsive to the RFP in that the proposal did not complete the forms in the application and the proposal did not follow the format specified in the RFP. Another weakness in the proposal was that it did not address how the newly built house would serve Calhoun County older adults, age 60 and over. 
  1. CareWell Services - $210,000 to renovate leased space for the relocation of Heritage Commons Senior Enrichment Center to the Marshall Plaza.  CareWell Services Board of Directors have approved entering into a ten-year long-term lease in two former store fronts in the K-Mart/Family Fare Plaza in Marshall to relocate Heritage Commons from the current Preston Drive location.   This is a cost-effective proposal with CareWell Services managing the risk for the renovation of the space.  A local fundraising campaign is in the planning process with a fund established at the Marshall Community Foundation.   The RFP Review Subcommittee wanted to support the relocation/remodel efforts while also supporting a Marshall fundraising effort hence the recommendation to support the remodel with $125,000 with the $50,000 matching challenge grant.
  1. Kingdom Builders, 50 Spencer Street, Battle Creek - $50,000 for Senior programming, this proposal was for programming such as Pickle Ball Courts and video equipment to encourage exercise at the former Southeastern Jr. High School in Battle Creek.   The proposal was more of a concept paper and was deemed nonresponsive to the RFP.  On Tuesday, May 4th Brad Wilcox and I toured the facility with the owner and leader, Bishop Tino Smith.  The County will provide more technical assistance to help this proposal become more fully developed.  
  1. Marian Burch Adult Day Care - $46,861 to improve accessibility and repair five bathrooms.  The proposal was deemed unresponsive to the RFP as the proposal did not complete the forms, including the budget, in the application correctly.  The Review Subcommittee was concerned that the facility should be maintaining a capital improvement budget to pay for needed renovations to make bathrooms accessible to participants to use.  Deferred maintenance of existing programs was not a compelling need for use of the Senor Strategic Projects funding.
  1. Senior Services Liaison - $40,000  a new provider from outside Calhoun County wanted to create a new program to match college students with frail older persons with rooms in their home for a home-sharing and work exchange program.  While a worthy proposal, it was determined that the capacity to establish a new program in Calhoun County was not strong enough at the current time.  Discussion of best practices in other communities and experience administering a similar program would have strengthened the proposal.
  1. Senior Services of Southwest Michigan - $100,00 to expand their volunteer program into Calhoun County.  The major feature of this proposal was the hiring of a volunteer coordinator to expand volunteer recruitment and training in Calhoun County.   Senior Strategic Projects are intended to fund one-time projects that are sustainable.  The RFP Review Committee was concerned about the need for ongoing funding for this effort.
  1. Southeastern Dispute Resolution Services (SEDRS) - $46,989 to establish in Calhoun County an Elder Care and Family Services Mediation Program.  The need in the community for mediation services is not understood by the Review Subcommittee.    Calls to Probate Court, and to Guardian Finance and Advocacy Services did not document a need for the mediation services in the County.   The Review Subcommittee also had concerns about providing one-year worth of funding for a staff position without a clear plan to fund the position after the contract period ended.  The Senior Strategic Projects funding is one-time funding to start new programs with clear funding plans for ongoing operations and to make enhancements of existing programs
These two projects fund important projects that will service Calhoun County older adults, age 60 and over.  The proposed funding will help with 45% of the cost of the relocation of food distribution in Albion, from the closed Food Hub to a new site provided in partnership with Albion College and a community partnership.   The funding to CareWell Services continues the partnership between the County, CareWell Services, Oaklawn and the City of Marshall to establish and operate a Marshall area senior center.  Heritage Commons opened as the Marshall area senior center in July of 2017 and when it closed in March 2020, because of the pandemic, it was serving the entire community as well as a membership of 145.  Heritage Commons outgrew its leased space on Preston Drive in a building owned by Oaklawn. Heritage Commons recently reopened at Marshall United Methodist Church temporarily until its new space is renovated.

Fiscal Impact
Funding for these contracts is budgeted in line item, Senior Srv. - Strategic Projects. This budget line item has a current budget of $350,000.00. Approving these two contracts will require $28,554 to be added to this line item from Senior Millage's fund balance. Part of the reason for Senior Strategic Projects is to spend down some of Senior Millage's fund balance in a strategic manner.

YTD expenditures of 2675.801.010 $49,080.44
Funding for remaining 2020 projects $136,973.56
Albion Health Care Alliance $17,500.00
CareWell Services HCSEC $175,000.00
Total $378,554.00

$378,554 total need minus $350,000 already budgeted = $28,554 needed to be added to the budget line item.
Albion Health Care Alliance
CareWell Services Heritage Commons

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