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BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 06/17/2021  
Calhoun County 2021 Fee Schedule Updates
Submitted For: Megan Banning FROM: Megan Banning, Finance
Department: Finance  

Resolved, the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners does approve the proposed changes to the 2021 County Fee Schedule and resulting budget adjustments as presented.
Finance recommends the proposed changes to the 2021 County Fee Schedule and resulting budget adjustments as presented.
In May 2019, with Board approval, County Administration contracted with MGT Consulting Group to conduct a County Wide User Fee Study in an effort to gain insight on the full cost of providing certain services within various departments.  As of May 2021, the User Fee Study has been finalized and the results have been discussed with respective Department Heads and Elected Officials.  As a result of those discussions, Finance (in collaboration with those Department Heads and Officials) is recommending changes to a few fees County Wide that not only benefit the public as users of County Services, but in turn also benefit the County in an effort to recoup costs of providing those services or creating efficiencies associated with that service.

There were many recommendations for fee changes indicated in the final report (attached).  Only the presented fees are being proposed for change after analyzing the impact to our residents and the impact on the demand of the service itself.

Dog Licensing: Proposing a discount to residents who choose to purchase a three year license rather than annually.  The proposal is to decrease the current charge, indicating a "Buy 2, Get one 50% off" rate - the intention is to get residents to pay for additional years up front in an effort to keep dogs licensed
Clerk Vital Records: Proposing an increase from $10 to $20 for vital record requests based on the full cost to provide the service calculating to between $22 and $32 depending on the record.  Also proposing no change to any vital records provided to Seniors in an effort to help curb costs for our older residents on fixed incomes.
Certificate of Notary: Proposed increase from $1 to $5 per instance, full cost to provide service calculates to over $6.
Driveway permits - Update Approach: Proposing increase from $40 to $65 for residential and $125 to $140 for commercial properties
Residential Soil Erosion Permit:  Proposed increase from $50 to $100, providing relief to residents from the full cost of over $800 to provide the service.
Speed Studies and Traffic Counts: Proposed increase to both fees from $105 to $220 based on the full cost to provide the service

The Board could choose to approve all, a selection, or none of the proposed fee changes.

Fiscal Impact
Annual impact to the County budget is a projected increase of $56,150 in departmental user fees. Total impact expected for 2021 adopted budget is just over $23,000.
Updated Fee Schedule
Final User Fee Report

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