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AI- 3626   9. B. 3.    
BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 07/15/2021  
MERS Service Credit Purchase - Jonathan Pignataro
Submitted For: Kim Archambault FROM: Kim Archambault, HR Director, Human Resources
Department: Human Resources  

Resolved the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners does hereby approve the purchasing of Municipal Employee Retirement System Generic Service Credit by Jonathan Pignataro as presented.
County Administration does hereby recommend that the Board of Commissioners allow the purchase of MERS Generic Service Credit as presented.

The MERS pension program allows for the purchase of additional service credit in certain circumstances. Calhoun County employee Jonathan Pignataro is requesting to purchase 2 years of Generic Service Credit, which will be at his full cost of $34,513. No cost is incurred by the County and potential impact on the pension plan itself is part of the calculated rate provided by the MERS actuarial service. Board approval is required for the transaction to occur.

Fiscal Impact
There will be no budgetary impact with this request and Mr. Pignataro is responsible for the full cost to MERS.
J.Pignataro Service Credit Purchase

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