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AI- 3631   9. B. 5.    
BOC Regular
Meeting Date: 07/15/2021  
FY22 County Veteran Service Fund Grant
Submitted For: Kelli Scott FROM: Aaron Edlefson, Director, Veterans Affairs
Department: Veterans Affairs  

Resolved that the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners approves the submission of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency's (MVAA) County Veterans Service Fund (CVSF) Grant application according to the attached guidelines, and authorizes the Board Chair and Calhoun County Veterans Affairs Director to sign and submit the application and all subsequent documents required to implement the grant, on behalf of the County.
It is the recommendation of Calhoun County Veterans Affairs (CCVA) that the MVAA's CVSF Grant application be approved according to the guidelines presented.
The CVSF Grant, established in 2018, provides funding for county VA offices to provide "assistance and programming to meet the needs of veterans in this state." Calhoun County will be receiving $132,351.00 to be used during the State of Michigan's FY22.  The grant award letter was received on July 6 and the grant application deadline is July 16.  The Veterans Affairs Office is gathering necessary quotes and details needed to complete the grant application.

The Board of Commissioners is requested to authorize the County's Veterans Affairs Director to finalize and submit the application, and to execute the grant agreement and other documents to implement the grant award.
The MVAA is awarding grants to county veterans affairs and service offices to increase awareness and services at the county level.

Fiscal Impact
The FY22 CVSF grant award is included in the approved 2021 Veteran's Service Fund budget, any carry forward funds will be included in the 2022 presented budget.
FY22 CVSF Amount Notification
CVSF Grant Guidance

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